Create ads from your Facebook Page in some steps.

Step 1: Create Your Ads Now

Before creating ads, you have to understand the complete steps of Facebook Instant Form, what is an instant form and how it works. If you all know then that's good. Before creating Facebook Ads, you have to click on the Create Ads button.

Step 2: Choose Your Formate

Choose the type of image or video format you want to use in your ad. you can add heading and descriptions as you need your requirements.

Step 3: Choosing a Special Ad Category

You must choose the category that best defines your advertising if you're establishing a campaign that contains any of the following.

Step 4: Define your audience

You can target the people you want.When you create a Facebook ad, think about the kinds of people who are most often attracted to your business, product or services. Try to identify what they have in common, and use that information to create an audience of other people like them.

Start building your target audience by selecting a geographic region. This could be a whole country, such as the “United States”, or it could be a more targeted local location. In this example I’m targeting “People living in this location” and San Francisco, California st, with a 10 mile radius selected.

Step 5: Set your budget and duration

Decide how much you want to spend per day and how many days you want your ad to run. A daily budget is the average amount you'll spend on your ad each day. For example, if you set a daily budget of $5 over the course of five days, you'll be charged up to $25 total.

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