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This is Easy to use, reliable, efficient Lead Management System. Basically it is made for Google, Facebook, Quora & Linkeding Ads Lead Management. this management system a firm or person who is running multiple Google, Facebook, Quora & Linkeding Ads can see and manage the leads of both google and Facebook easily from a single web application.

Synchronize Google, Facebook, Quora & Linkeding Ads leads from your web page application. In this, you can easily connect the data of Google and Facebook ads leads to the web application. In which you can easily get the details of the audience. In which you can get the name of the customer, contact number, city and much more. According of the fields of your form. You can easily target your audience and fulfill your needs according to your need.

Useful for digital marketing, SMS campaign, Email marketing etc.

Some Feature Highlights
  • Include Dashboard
  • Bootstrap 5.0 Framwork
  • Documentation included
  • Synchronize data from Google & Facebook ads
  • Synchronize data from Linkedin & Quora ads
  • Added Zapier & API Nation CRM Lead Synchronize
  • Added Website inquriy from management system
  • Added Country Setting

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