Developer Guide

Following guide are made for developer purpose if any developer wants to customize the add-on according to their needs.

File Structure.


Under this, five folders have been given, which are css, fontawesome, images, js,upload files in this file.

  • assets/css Folder file contains all css files.
  • assets/fontawesome Folder file contains all fontawesome files.
  • assets/images Folder file contains all images files.
  • assets/js Folder file contains all js files.
  • assets/upload Folder file contains all upload files.
  • All files related to backend are here.
  • config/config.php Additional configurations like the change username and password and other settings can be found in this configuration file.
  • documentation/.. Information is given in the documentation.
  • graph/.. Inside this folder there is a file of Facebook Lead Graph, LinkedIn Lead Graph, Google Lead Graph, Quora Lead Graph
  • php/.. Inside this folder there is a file of admin-faq.php, api-nation.php, configration.php, copyright.php and many more..
  • sql_database/lead_manager.sql A database is information that is set up for easy access, management and updating. databases typically store aggregations of data records or files that contain information.

This will be your index.php file which will be set your default page

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