Create Facebook Ads

First of all you have to login to Facebook. If you do not have an account, then go to it and register and create your account.

Login Facebook

Enter your email address or phone number, then enter your password in the input field.

Page Section

If you have logged in your own Facebook page, then you will get the option of pages in the left section of Facebook, you have to go there and click on it.

Create Facebook Page for Business

If you have not created a page in your Facebook, then please create new page in Facebook for your bussiness.

Meta Business Suite

If you have created a page in your Facebook, then after that you have to click in Meta Business Suite, if you do not know what is Meta Business Suite, for more information about Meta Business Suite, you have to visit the official website of Facebook.

All Tools

If you have clicked on your Meta Business Suite, after that you will see a screen like this in which you have to click on All Tools.

Instant Form

If you have clicked on your all tools then you must have seen you will see many menus, you only have to click on the Instant Form

An Instant Form is a form used in a lead ad to obtain information from the people you reach via your ads. Using an Instant Form allows you to collect contact information from people who may be interested in your business or service without requiring those people to leave Facebook or Instagram. For more information about the Facebook instant form, you can visit the official website.

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