What is Facebook Instant Form

An Instant Form is a form used in a lead ad to obtain information from the people you reach via your ads. Using an Instant Form allows you to collect contact information from people who may be interested in your business or service without requiring those people to leave Facebook or Instagram. For more information about the Facebook instant form, you can visit the official website.

Create a Facebook Instant Form

If you have clicked on your instant form, after that you have to click on create form from where you will get the lead, before getting the lead you have to fill the complete information as mentioned below.

Step 1: Fill Your Form name

If you are creating your form, for that you have to give the name of the form as mentioned in the form of a dummy.

Step 2: Choose Your Form Type

Customize your form based on the goal of your lead generation campaign. The choices you make can affect submission volume and cost per lead. If you select Higher Intent, it adds a review stage that gives people the opportunity to verify their information.

Step 3: Set your heading and description according to your need.

If you are making your instant form. The most important thing in that is the heading and description, which makes the user more attracted by reading it. For that you have to enter the heading and description, if you need the image, you can also upload the image.

Step 4: Choose the type of information you need.

You can select the field according to you, you can set it according to you want full name, email, and mobile number of the customer. If you want any other fields apart from this, you can also take that by adding the category as you can see.

Step 5: Privacy Policy

You must include a link to your company's privacy policy where you will be collecting client information.

Step 6: Completion

When you have filled your complete information, after that if you want to redirect the customer to your website, for that you have to give the link of your website and many more as you can see.

Step 7: Test Form

Now it is the turn to test the form, for that you have to click on Form Test. When you click on Form Test, you will see full name, email and phone number fields in it. When a customer fills the form, then complete information will come to you.

Step 8: Leads count

In this way you will get the lead, you can download and see this lead too.

Note: But you cannot integrate this lead in your website, for that you will need any CRM. We have used API Nation CRM. With the help of this CRM, Facebook's lead has been brought to Google Sheet, then the data from this Excel sheet has been integrated into the website by using google-sheets-to-html plugin.

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