Customer Inquiry & Support Chat Script

Your chat web application is a sophisticated platform designed to streamline the process of customer information gathering and interaction management. Your chat web application serves as a user-friendly platform for customers to input their information and queries. Developed using PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and integrated with Google Sheets for data storage, the application offers a user-friendly interface for customers to submit their queries and information seamlessly. Once submitted, this information is securely stored and made available for administrators to review and act upon.
It's designed to seamlessly integrate with various third-party websites, expanding its reach and accessibility across different platforms.
From an administrative perspective, the application provides a robust suite of tools for managing user interactions and data. Admins can create custom forms to gather specific information from customers, streamlining the data collection process and ensuring relevance and accuracy.LIVE PREVIEW

User Features

  • Information Submission
  • Custom Forms
  • Color Plate Selection
  • Data Security
  • User Profiles
  • Notification Message
  • Support Facility
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Easy to Use

Admin Features

  • Custom Form Creation
  • Color Plate Management
  • Customer Data Processing
  • Customer Management
  • Google Sheet Data Stored
  • Content Moderation
  • Integration Management
  • Manage Customer Support

User Demo


Admin Panel Credentials


  • Username:
  • Password: admin1234
  • Support Facilities

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    Design Collection

    System Requirements

    PHP 8.1 | MYSQL 5.7


  • $20 (USD) Extra for Installation.
  • Images are not included in the main downloadable file, images are used only for demo purposes.
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