Upload File on FTP.

Here is all php file, no extra configuration is required. All you will have to do is upload the product to your server and enjoy. First, open the folder you have unzipped to your favorite location. Please save your work at this point or make a backup before trying to install.

Upload the contents of folder to your FTP root directory on your server location with your FTP software.

If you don't like this color scheme which is provided and want to use your colors, you can simply costumize with CSS by editin variables on CSS file.

If you do not have the FTP Client software, you can get one here for free:

After upload, navigate with your browser to the product installation folder. product visuals will appear on your screen as shown in the demo. Installation is now complete.

My SQL Database.

Method 1. phpMyAdmin via cPanel

phpMyAdmin is a PHP-based software tool designed to handle MySQL over the web. If you have a hosting provider or you have your own server, then you must already have it installed in your system. To use phpMyAdmin when migrating your databases, simply access the Databases section on cPanel.

Here are the steps involved:

On the server, select and click on the left panel the database that you want to export. Next, click on Export tab on the upper part of the screen. Save the database to a file.

This method is not without limitations. For one, you need to have phpMyAdmin installed on both the old and new servers for this method to work. The size of the database you can migrate must be below 50MB. Plus, you must ensure that the export file size also fits within the upload limits. Use this method if you have relatively small databases, such as that of a WordPress site. Otherwise, you may risk having partial or broken migration of files if you move huge databases.

You can find out SQL database file in database folder name in our items zip file. after that you can import database in MYSQL panel.

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