Developer Guide

Following guide are made for developer purpose if any developer wants to customize the add-on according to their needs.

File Structure.


Under this, five folders have been given, which are upload, js, images, fontawesome, css files in this file.

  • assets/upload Folder file contains all upload files.
  • assets/js Folder file contains all js files.
  • assets/images Folder file contains all images files.
  • assets/img Folder file contains all Screenshot images files.
  • assets/fontawesome Folder file contains all fontawesome files.
  • assets/css Folder file contains all css files.
  • configure.php Additional configurations like the change username and password and other settings can be found in this configuration file.
  • MYSQL Database/poll_survey_cam_db.sql A database is information that is set up for easy access, management and updating. databases typically store aggregations of data records or files that contain information.
  • documentation/.. Information is given in the documentation.

This will be your index.php file which will be set your default page

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