Survey and Poll Campaign Lead Generation

An online survey and poll campaign is a method used to gather information, opinions, or insights about a specific topic from a group of people over the internet. This approach is often used in various fields, including market research, political campaigning, social studies, and customer feedback. Online Survey: An online survey is a questionnaire that the targeted audience can complete over the internet. Surveys may have a variety of purposes such as customer satisfaction, employee morale, or product feedback. They often include a variety of question types like multiple choice, rating scales, or open-ended responses. Typically, online surveys are longer and gather more detailed data than polls.

These campaigns leverage the advantages of the digital space, such as reaching a wide audience at a relatively low cost, quick data collection and analysis, and the ability to use various multimedia in the questionnaires.. LIVE PREVIEW

User Features

  • Questionnaire Creation
  • Multiple Question Types
  • Customizable Survey Design
  • Response Collection
  • Real-Time Results Tracking
  • Survey Distribution Methods
  • Poll & Survey Templates
  • Sharing & Exporting Results

Admin Features

  • Responsive front-end & admin dashboard
  • High user traffic leading to site value
  • User Management
  • Permission Settings
  • Survey Versioning and History Tracking
  • Survey Draft Saving
  • Custom Branding
  • Report Generation
  • Integration with Other Software
  • Spam Protection
  • Dashboard & Performance Metrics
  • Custom URL Generation
  • Bulk Actions

User Demo


Admin Panel Credentials


  • Username:
  • Password: admin1234
  • System Requirements

    PHP 8.1 | MYSQL 8


  • $20 (USD) Extra for Installation.
  • Images are not included in the main downloadable file, images are used only for demo purposes.
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