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The Bootstrap 4 Footer Design is a versatile and professionally crafted tool, perfect for modern websites. Combining the efficiency of CSS2 and CSS3 with the responsiveness of Bootstrap 4, it offers a range of 6 distinct designs that can be easily integrated into any website template or landing page. Not just limited to static elements like a selection of flat and textured colors, and diverse background designs, this footer also brings dynamic functionalities to the forefront. It adapts to user interactions, displaying personalized content such as recently viewed products or user-specific recommendations. The flexibility of the design allows for real-time data integration, providing users with live updates and interactive features like polls or chat options. This adaptable footer, which is not a WordPress plugin, is ideal for any website seeking a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional dynamism, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience across all devices.LIVE PREVIEW

Static Version (HTML, CSS, JS)

Purpose: The static footer is primarily used for consistent elements across various web pages. It's ideal for content that doesn't change frequently.

Content: Typically includes copyright information, quick links to important pages (like Privacy Policy, Terms of Service), social media icons, and contact details.

Design: Built using HTML for structure, CSS for styling, and minimal JS for basic functionalities like hover effects. This version is fast to load and requires no server-side processing.

Advantages: Since it's static, it ensures a uniform look across all pages and is less prone to errors. It's also easier to implement and maintain for beginners or in simpler websites.

Dynamic Version (PHP and MySQL)

Purpose: The dynamic footer is used when the content needs to be updated frequently or personalized for different users.

Content: Can dynamically display information based on user interactions, settings, or preferences. Common uses include displaying recently viewed products, personalized recommendations, or user-specific links.

Design: Utilizes PHP for server-side processing and MySQL for database interactions. This allows the footer to retrieve and display data that is current and user-specific.

Advantages: Offers a personalized experience to users and can display up-to-date information. It's more flexible and can adapt to different user scenarios. However, it requires more advanced programming skills and a deeper understanding of server-side scripting and databases.

User Features

  • Email Subscribe Features
  • Like & Share on Social Media
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Readability

Admin Features

  • Easy to Use Dashboard
  • Easy to Use to Edit
  • Adding Social Media URL
  • Admin Profile
  • Email Subscribe Management
  • Footer Layout & Design Customization
  • SEO Optimization Tools (meta tags, URL structuring, etc.)
  • Integration Management (social media, email marketing, etc.)

User Demo


Admin Panel Credentials


  • Username:
  • Password: admin1234
  • System Requirements

    PHP 8.1 | MYSQL 8


  • $20 (USD) Extra for Installation.
  • Images are not included in the main downloadable file, images are used only for demo purposes.
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