Bootstrap 4 version is the most popular css framework in which we have a lot of components. You can create a template using it, apart from this, we have made a lot of sections in it and web pages.

If you want to use any section or component then you can use it by copying its begin comment to end comment.

Apart from this, we also have 10+ web pages, which is enough to make any basic templete .

We have taken images from pixabay and free pick which used total free image

Customizing CSS

  • Compiled CSS. If you want to using bskin-ui kit or only need limited customization, feel free to simply include the compiled bskin-ui-kit.css in css folder.

File Structure

  • css - CSS files
  • html - HTML files
  • images - all photos & icons
  • js - Js files
  • js - webfonts