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An online survey and poll campaign is a method used to gather information, opinions, or insights about a specific topic from a group of people over the internet. This approach is often used in various fields, including market research, political campaigning, social studies, and customer feedback. Online Survey: An online survey is a questionnaire that the targeted audience can complete over the internet. Surveys may have a variety of purposes such as customer satisfaction, employee morale, or product feedback. They often include a variety of question types like multiple choice, rating scales, or open-ended responses. Typically, online surveys are longer and gather more detailed data than polls.

Online Poll: An online poll is a type of survey that often focuses on one single question, and it's usually more straightforward and quicker to answer. They're widely used to gauge public opinion quickly on a particular issue, such as a preferred product feature, political stance, or popular trends. The results are often represented in percentages and can be seen instantly or after voting.

Campaign: The term campaign typically implies a structured and sustained effort towards a particular goal. In an online survey & poll campaign, this would mean a series of related surveys or polls designed to measure changes over time, or to engage respondents in a certain topic. For instance, a campaign might involve regular weekly polls on a political issue leading up to an election, or a series of surveys rolled out to customers following the release of a new product or service.

These campaigns leverage the advantages of the digital space, such as reaching a wide audience at a relatively low cost, quick data collection and analysis, and the ability to use various multimedia in the questionnaires.

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