Who Is Best Leader in the World?
  • 1. Angela Merkel 0%
  • 2. Jacinda Ardern 0%
  • 3. Narendra Modi 0%
  • 4. Tsai Ing-wen 0%

Dashboard Features

Utilize poll campaign to generate leads with accuracy and get genuine leads.

Create Polls

Create multiple polls using the dashboard and implement them in your web application.

Edit Polls

Use the edit poll feature to manage multiple active polls easily.

Manage Leads

Our dashboard Comes with a Clean, Simple, and Flat UI so you can efficiently manage leads.

Poll Result

It gives you access to see the result of your poll with a bar chart, pie chart, and share option.

Edit Company Name

You can edit the company name which is shown on the poll campaign page.

Edit Copyright

You can edit the company name which is shown on the poll campaign page.

Frequent Asked Questions(FAQ)

Stop wasting time and money designing and managing a website that doesn’t get results. Happiness guaranteed!

A poll campaign is a way to quickly get leads with popular opinion on some matter. It can be used for anything from who is your favorite celebrity to what is your political affiliation asking multiple questions for their opinion.

You can get direct customer leads through the poll campaign when a customer comes to participate in a poll campaign her personal information like name and number will be saved on dashboard

You can use it on any commercial or noncommercial website it gives you excellent results and genuine leads. Poll Campaign is designed to run perfectly with every type of website it is fully responsive and compatible with all modern browsers and screen dimensions.

When any customer comes to participate in a poll campaign his information will be saved in the database which will be genuine it helps your business to grow on an intense basis.

Lead generation is a vital part of your business plan. But you can’t just generate leads and hope that that’s enough. There’s a whole raft of steps that need to follow to turn those new leads into customers.