You can make your business easier with FLG - Facebook Lead Generation by using (Apinations crm)

People can easily tap your ad. It's already filled with their Facebook contact information and ready to be sent directly to you. Using which you can boost your business. Whether it is your business digital marketing, share marketing or anything else. Here, you can integrate 'Facebook Leads' into 'Google Sheets'. You can then get it from Google Sheets on the website.

Benefit of FLG - Facebook Lead Generation

You can simply download the lead which is excessive in the Facebook Lead Ads form. If you want to boost your business, then download the leads and then boost your business with each lead. Which wastes a lot of time and can also become a hindrance in boosting your business. In such a situation, we have created FLG - Facebook Lead Generation, in this you do not need to download Leads, you can integrate Direct Facebook Leads into the website.

  • Most popular CSS framework bootstrap 5 version
  • Productive workflow tool Gulp
  • Awesome CSS preprocessor Sass
  • HTML 5

Getting support

We offer 6 months of support by default for each purchased template. feel free to mail anything: support@designcollection.in