Getting Started

How to get started with Binsar-pro!

Bootstrap v5.0.2 is the most popular css framework in which we have a lot of components. You can create a template using it, apart from this, we have made a lot of sections in it and web pages.

Much obliged to you for buying Binsar-pro We're happy that you discovered what you were searching for. It is our objective that you are consistently content with what you purchased from us, and We trust that you will actually want to make an extraordinary site with our topic without any problem

Folder Structure

When you download the theme and extract it, then you will get this kind of folder structure.

    • 📁 assets
      • 📁 css - Compiled CSS
      • 📁 webfonts - Lexend Sans web font
      • 📁 images - All images
      • 📁 js - Javascript source files
    • 📁 documantaion - Documentation pages
    • 📁 html - All HTML Files
    • 📁 php - php contact file
    • 📁 Index.html - Landing Page HTML File