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i- Coupon: Unleashing Savings and Success in the Online Industry

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i Coupon: Unleashing Savings and Success in the Online Industry

Start Making Money with Your Own Online Coupon Business Today! Earn big with a genius web application that lets you cash in on third-party coupon affiliate website commissions. With coupon codes, vouchers, promo codes, and deals, you’ll rake in the profits.

Plus, earn even more with Google AdSense . No programming or technical skills needed! Just set up a coupon theme, go live, and watch your business thrive. Reach customers worldwide or target your own country. Our coupon listing web application is built with PHP script and powered by a MYSQL database. Start your journey to success now

User Features: Maximize Savings, Minimize Hassle with i Coupon


iCoupon is designed with the end-user in mind. It presents a platform where users can reduce their expenses significantly through a variety of discounts. By aggregating deals from various retailers, iCoupon offers a convenient way to search and compare deals, ensuring users snag the best bargains.

Additionally, users will appreciate the frequent updates of deals and coupons, access to exclusive discounts, and the ability to leave reviews and ratings on various deals. iCoupon also sends notifications about new deals, ensuring users are always informed. All these benefits come free of charge to the user, encouraging a more extensive audience to use the platform.

Admin Features: i Coupon – Control and Customization at Your Fingertips

The admin side of iCoupon is equally potent, offering an array of features that make running your business smooth. The platform comes equipped with over five worldwide coupon APIs and a product CSV , ensuring a seamless integration of countless deals.


Moreover, i Coupon features a local partner/vendor management system to streamline your business operations. This fully editable, SEO-friendly platform allows you to customize and optimize it according to your business needs. Google AdSense, analytics, and banner upload functions add to the monetization perks.

The integrated Hubspot email subscriber form collects user emails, valuable data that can be used for personalized marketing campaigns and user engagement.

Revenue Generation: Tap into Multiple Income Streams with i Coupon

i Coupon isn’t just a platform; it’s a multi-faceted revenue generator. It allows you to earn commissions and monetize your website traffic through affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.

Additionally, collaborations with retailers and advertisers offer another lucrative income stream. By leveraging user data, you can gain invaluable insights into user behavior and tailor your advertising and marketing strategies to enhance profits. With increasing user traffic drawn by iCoupon’s user-friendly features, the value of your site and potential income can skyrocket.

Target Audience: Boundless Opportunities for Engagement with i Coupon

The target audience for iCoupon is twofold. It caters to ambitious digital entrepreneurs seeking a slice of the booming e-commerce pie. Retail businesses looking to extend their reach through coupons and discounts will also find iCoupon extremely beneficial.

From a user perspective, online shoppers eager to save money, bargain hunters, and those who appreciate the convenience of a one-stop deal hub form the core audience.

Advantages of i Coupon


The key advantages of iCoupon for users include savings on purchases, a variety of discounts, the convenience of finding the best deals in one place, and notifications about new deals. Users can also make more informed choices by reading reviews and ratings left by others.

For business owners, iCoupon brings ease of use, the potential for significant affiliate marketing revenue, SEO-friendly features, customization, valuable user data collection, scalability, and the opportunity for global reach.

These combined benefits make iCoupon a powerful tool for both users looking to save money and business owners seeking a lucrative online business opportunity.

Advantages of Starting an Online Business with i Coupon

Lucrative Revenue Potential: With iCoupon, you can tap into multiple income streams, including affiliate marketing commissions and Google AdSense. Collaborations with retailers and advertisers also offer additional revenue opportunities.

Easy Setup and Management

iCoupon requires zero programming or technical skills to set up and run. Its user-friendly interface and customizable features make it effortless to manage your online coupon business.

Wide Range of Discounts

iCoupon aggregates deals from various retailers, providing users with a convenient platform to search, compare, and maximize savings. By offering a diverse range of discounts, you attract a broader audience to your platform.

Constant Deal Updates


Users appreciate the frequent updates of deals and coupons on iCoupon, ensuring they always have access to the latest bargains. This keeps users engaged and encourages them to return to your platform regularly.

User Reviews and Ratings

iCoupon allows users to leave reviews and ratings on various deals, enabling others to make more informed choices. This builds trust and credibility, enhancing the overall user experience.

Notifications and Alerts

iCoupon keeps users informed about new deals through notifications and alerts. This ensures users never miss out on valuable discounts, driving engagement and loyalty.

Valuable User Data Collection


The integrated Hubspot email subscriber form in iCoupon collects user emails, providing you with valuable data for personalized marketing campaigns and user engagement strategies.

SEO-Friendly and Customizable

iCoupon is fully editable and SEO-friendly, allowing you to optimize it according to your business needs. This ensures better visibility in search engines and improves your website’s organic traffic.

Global Reach and Scalability

iCoupon offers the opportunity for global reach, allowing you to target customers worldwide. Its scalable nature means you can expand your business as it grows, reaching new markets and audiences.


Valuable Insights for Business Owners

By leveraging user data collected through iCoupon, you gain invaluable insights into user behavior, allowing you to tailor your advertising and marketing strategies to enhance profits.

Overall, iCoupon provides a powerful platform for both users seeking to save money and business owners looking for a profitable online venture. With its user-focused design, revenue generation avenues, customization options, and scalability, iCoupon sets you up for success in the thriving online coupon industry.


iCoupon is your passport to success in the thriving online coupon industry. By combining a user-focused design with an array of admin features and revenue generation avenues, it paves the way for a scalable, globally-reaching, and potentially lucrative online venture. Don’t miss this opportunity to redefine your online business journey with iCoupon.

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