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Boosting Blog Traffic: Strategies for Leveraging Instagram

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How To Increase Traffic From Instagram To Blog

Hello friends, welcome to our blog. Today I will give you information about how to increase traffic from Instagram to the blog.

After creating a new blog, the biggest challenge in front of you is how to increase traffic on your blog.

Friends, google’s organic traffic is the main source of traffic on the blog.

But our blog is new and it does not even have authority over Google right now. Because of this, our website does not rank on Google.

If the website does not rank on Google, then where will you get the traffic from?

If there is no traffic, how will you start earning? So, friends, you have to bring traffic to your blog from social media in the early days of your blogging.

Friends, if we talk about social media, then the most powerful social media platform is Instagram.

If you work well on Instagram, then definitely traffic will start coming to your blog.

I will tell you some of my personal methods through which you will be able to bring traffic to your blog. Now let’s start today’s post.

Amazing Ways To Increase Blog Traffic From Instagram –

Now I will give you some tips by applying which you can increase the traffic of your blog.

By putting a URL of your website or blog or product to the blog in your Instagram Bio –

Friends, you do not get any special options to share the link on Instagram.

But Instagram gives you the option to put the address of the website in your bio. You have to optimize your bio well and add your website.

The more your bio is optimized according to your website, the more chances are that the user will read your bio and click on your link. With this, that user will go to your website and you will start getting traffic.

Post Regularly –

Friends, you have to keep posting regularly on Instagram. Regular post means you have to publish at least 1 creative post a day.

When you do consistent work on Instagram, the reach of your post will start increasing.

With the increase in reach, your account will be in front of more people and they will come to check your profile.

If the profile is powerful, then they will definitely visit your website too. This will increase your traffic.

Using Instagram Story

Friends, you can use Instagram Story in 2 ways. Let me tell you both ways.

First of all, we will use web-mention technology.

We will write some information related to our post in our story and finally mention the name of our website.

When the audience reads your story, their interest will increase in reading the whole article and they will search the website you mentioned in the last on Google. This will allow you to get organic traffic from Google. In the second method, you can put a link to your website in your story, but to put the link, you must have the first 10K followers.

Through Instagram Reel –

Friends, “Instagram reel’s” “reach as” compared to “post” is more. That’s why you have to create a related reel from your article.

After creating a reel, you should mention the name of your website above your video and in the description.

The advantage of this will be that if a person likes your reel, then he will definitely search the mention website on your reel on Google. This will allow you to get traffic from the combination of Instagram and Google.

Use viral hashtags –

After finding hashtags, you have to put these hashtags in each of your posts and reels.

This will increase the reach of your post and increase the chances of traffic coming to your blog.

Share The Link With Your Follower –

Friends, this is also a powerful way by which you can increase the traffic of your blog.

You can share the link of your post directly with your followers. But keep one thing in mind before sharing.

Do not share too many links and share the link only once a week. Otherwise, Instagram can also suspend your account by thinking it is spamming.

Create And Post Videos Related To Your Blog –

Friends, you can also share your video on Instagram. Reels and IGTV are two ways to top Instagram for video sharing.

You have to make a video related to your post and inside your video, you also tell about your website.

With this, when the user sees your video, he will search your website on the Internet.

This will increase the authority of your website and you will also start getting traffic.

Link Instagram To Facebook –

Friends, there is a feature inside Instagram through which you can connect your Instagram to Facebook. You have to use this feature. You will get double the benefit from this.

You will get this benefit when you post your story on Instagram, it will also be automatically posted on Facebook. Which will give you a view from Instagram as well as Facebook.

Use Instagram Ads –

Friends, if you want to bring traffic from Instagram through the paid method, then you can use Instagram ads.

You have to design a campaign on Instagram and promote your website. Instagram is a very popular platform, so your blog can get a lot of good, targeted, and a lot of traffic through paid media.

Increase Followers –

Friends, this is a very important point because unless the followers on your Instagram increase, your post will not get a reach.

Until your post gets a reach, it will not get views and until your post gets views, the traffic of your blog will not increase.

Where go, you can not get a lot of views without followers. So you should increase the followers of your Instagram account so that you can increase the traffic of your blog.

Share The Link On Instagram Story –

Friends, Instagram launched a story link feature a few days ago, you can put a link to your story through this feature.

You have to put a story link with the image in your story. This will start getting traffic to the blog through your story.

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