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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Contact Form in PHP: From Setup to Sending Emails

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Create a Contact Form in PHP

Are you looking for easy ways how to create a contact form in PHP?

When a user sees your website, they may utilize the contact page to get in touch with you for a variety of website-related issues. The user could, for instance, report a bug or provide you with their frank opinion. Whether or if they have the best of intentions.

The contact page will also give you a channel for communicating with your audience and can assist you with marketing opportunities.

1. Getting Started

Before we start coding our contact form, we need to ensure we have a working web server and meet all the requirements below. We cannot execute PHP code without a working web server as it is a server-side programming language.

1.1. Requirements
  • Web Server- If you haven’t set up a local web server solution package, I suggest downloading and installing XAMPP. XAMPP. is a set of open-source web server software.
1.2. What You’ll Discover in This Tutorial
  • Create a Contact Form We’ll be utilizing CSS to create our contact form and HTML to arrange our code. software.
  • Form validation — Apply validation to specific form components.
  • Send Mail — Using the PHP mail function, we may send email to a given email address.
1.3. File Structure & Setup

Now that our web server is running, we’ll make the files and folders that will be used to develop our contact form page.

  • Open the XAMPP Control Panel
  • Next to the Apache module, click Start
  • Next to the MySQL module, click Start
  • Navigate to XAMPPs installation directory (C:\xampp)
  • Open the htdocs directory
  • Create the following directories and files:

File Structure






The above files and directories will contain the following:
  • contact.php — This file contains form validation. In this file you will be able to find mail in your personal mail account.
  • contact-form.php — This file will contain our contact form template and PHP code that will process the form.
  • contact-form-thank-you.html — This file is the page with redirection to thank you page after filling the form.
  • style.css — The stylesheet that will structure our page and make it look more appealing.

2. Processing the Contact with PHP

Finally, we can start using PHP to code our contact form. We will check the form data and send email to an email address in this section.And also use form validation in this

3. Processing the Contact-Form with PHP

This is the contact-form.php file where it has its front page design.

  • name=”email”
  • name=”name”
  • name=”subject”
  • name=”comments”

All these fields will be displayed in the action of contact.php file which is in step no. shown in 2

4. Redirection to contact form thank you page for filling the form


5. Designing the Contact Form with CSS

The stylesheet will structure our layout and describe how each element will display on the screen. It includes the fonts, colors, and size of the elements.


We now come to the message field. Unlike the other elements we have specified, the text area element allows the user to write on numerous lines rather than just one.

Have you noticed that all of our form components have the necessary property specified? That’s because the browser will check the form before submitting it, which might assist stop our server from receiving duplicate submissions.

If we open our browser and navigate to our new file, we should see:


In this item have 10 different professional form design and 10 animation effect. you can easily integrate it with any website framework as you want.



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