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Google Maps Business Data Scraper - Chrome Extension

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Google Maps Business Data Scraper – Chrome Extension

The power of data has revolutionized digital marketing. In the era of big data and analytics, businesses can make strategic decisions with ease. A valuable tool for extracting data from Google Maps is the, a Chrome extension.

What is Google Maps Business Data Scraper?

This Chrome extension is designed to collect data from Google Maps. It’s a goldmine for market research, lead generation, and competitive analysis. Users can extract business names, addresses, phone numbers, website URLs, ratings, and reviews.

How does the it Work?

This extension employs data scraping, an automated method to extract data from websites. It navigates, gathers essential data, and compiles it into an organized format, typically a CSV file for easy analysis.

Who can benefit from Google Maps Business Data Scraper?

Various businesses, including retail, marketing, sales, and market research, can leverage this tool for different purposes.

Retail Businesses: Understand competition, monitor ratings, and identify expansion opportunities.

Marketing and Sales Teams: Gather contact information for targeted campaigns.

Market Researchers: Collect data for analyzing business trends, competition, and market demographics.

Why use this?

Key advantages include time savings, efficiency, versatility, and user-friendliness.

Saves Time: Automates data extraction, saving valuable time.

Increases Efficiency: Streamlines market research and data-driven decisions.

Versatility: Data serves various purposes, from lead generation to strategic planning.

Easy to Use: User-friendly with interpretable outputs.


While powerful, it’s essential to respect privacy, adhere to the law, and comply with Google’s terms of service. Misuse of data scraping can lead to penalties.


Data is essential for modern business decisions. Tools like the Google Maps Business Data Scraper provide valuable insights, but ethical and responsible use is crucial in the era of big data.

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